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Vernacular Design on The Fabricant Way


Listen to Episode 12 of  The Fabricant Way with Jack Decker, where he discusses the importance of having a mentor – and how growth happens when you’re ready to take on new types of projects.


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A Kingston Woodworker Recreates History for Modern Day Living


Jack Decker has always loved a good story; in fact, it’s what has kept him Upstate for most of his life. In the Hudson Valley, storytelling is a hands-on process that is as much about sharing the old as it is about creating the new. And from his Kingston-based woodworking business, Vernacular Design, Jack does both through his original contemporary designs and historical restoration work.


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Hops Petunia: A Budding New Floral Shop in Kingston, NY

hops_petunia_kingston ny jack decker vernacular design co shop renovation

Kelli Galloway, owner of Hops Petunia, designed her shop on the Kingston waterfront in partnership with Jack Decker of Vernacular Design. It’s reminiscent of a french cottage, with exposed brick walls and white wood paneled moulding. “The vibe of the shop itself is like a hug…very cozy and welcoming,” says Kelli, who has been a long time weekender in nearby Rosendale. “I wanted it to feel like when you walked in, you were in someone’s home.”


See the shop here.

A Rising Star in the Architectural/Interior Design Industries

Vernacular Design Hudson Valley Renovation Architecture Interior Design upstater

Restoration projects in the Hudson Valley are a daily theme. Many former warehouses, historic homes, and storefronts are being transformed or returned to their former glory. It is through my knowledge of these projects that I had the opportunity of meeting Jack Decker of Vernacular Design. Jack is that rare combination of skilled craftsman and artisan.


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Vernacular Design Suite 1A 59 O'Neil Street Kingston New York